AllagashGroup is a provider of professional marketing services focused on public and private entities. We offer a suite of services targeted at building brand awareness and promoting your organization’s image. Allagash offers customized Marketing Communication Management (MCM) services to advance innovative marketing strategies, shape creative communication campaigns, and plan and execute conferences, meetings, and tradeshows that are designed to launch our client’s communication objectives.

Our proactive MCM methods ensure extensive influence for promoting brands and engaging stakeholders while minimizing budgetary cost. MCM ensures accuracy, high quality, and speed of delivery in developing the strategic marketing communication process specifically designed to ensure that all messaging is unified across all channels and focused on the client’s needs. Our streamlined and specialized approach integrates our unique project management method called Nimble PM to ensure effective cost management. We bring years of professional experience in marketing communication, trade show and conference planning, creative design, social media planning and execution, public relations, multi-media advertising, and project management to our clients.

Recruitment Advertising

Customized strategic planning and detailed program management enable Allagash to tailor our clients’ marketing and communication messages for specific campaigns. We offer a full complement of advertising services to assist our clients in reaching a target audience. Our experienced and talented designers provide effective creative concepts and deliver end-to-end project management and completion. To maximize the effectiveness of an advertising campaign and provide for increased measurable results, analytics and marketing analyses are delivered, tracked and measured so our clients can make informed decisions.

Advertising development

Media buying / Print and web advertising

Creative Suites video production

Public Service Announcements

Marketing Communication Management (MCM)

MCM is a strategic marketing communication process specifically designed to ensure that all messaging is unified across all channels and focused on the client’s needs. We believe identifying the right communication strategies that establish the stakeholder’s message for their audience is essential in brand identification and support how our clients are viewed. We deliver informed, media savvy public relations services producing results that positively impact our clients’ objectives.

Strategic communication management

Market analysis and research

Planning, scheduling, and project management

Public relations / Public policy

Creative Services

Allagash’s creative services provide our clients with imaginative and innovative marketing ideas that help businesses grow. Allagash provides a thorough branding campaign beginning with a stakeholder branding workshop to identify messaging through corporate and agency identity. Allagash’s graphic design and website development provide inspired ways to relay our client’s message across all media in order to enrich our client’s goals.

Corporate identity and branding programs

Graphic design / Collateral development

Website development and design

Social Media

Social media is now a primary way of communicating and interacting with clients and employees. Allagash utilizes a broad based strategy that links the clients’ brand and message through the use of social media platforms and delivers a greater awareness and a richer experience for our clients. An active social media presence is a great, low cost tool for promoting brands and engaging stakeholders. Whether it’s using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, GooglePlus or any variety of platforms, Allagash can deliver messages and give timely, relevant and appropriate ROI. We deliver the full spectrum of analytical metrics and ROI necessary for measuring the effectiveness of communications in an ever-changing connected world.

Social media platform development

Digital outreach

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Web analytics

Conference and Meeting Planning

AllagashGroup is committed to delivering superior meeting and conference planning, promotion, and execution based on exceptional industry knowledge. Utilizing Certified Trade Show Marketers (CTSM) we understand the issues that affect both our clients and their audience, whether it’s government or commercial, and we have a genuine enthusiasm for what we do. Allagash also provides talent well versed in project planning and coordination of all logistics for trade shows, conferences, events, seminars, and web-based visual graphics and videos for our clients.

Conference, event, and exhibit management

Marketing strategies and logistics

Project management and budgeting

“NIMBLE PM” Project Management Approach

Allagash has developed a unique approach to Project Management that we utilize throughout our strategic marketing communication management services including project planning and execution. Our approach called NIMBLE PM can be used exclusively or in conjunction with the client’s project management framework. NIMBLE PM features include:

Customizable project and program management utilizing Earned Value Management

Scalability depending on project or program size

Integrated Master Plan (IMP) and the Integrated Master Schedule (IMS)

Business and administrative management

Support for Agile or Waterfall development approach

Acquisition management consultation